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14:20  06 november  2021
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It’s complicated to run a business without the help of some sort of software. And successful business owners are already using different tools and making many processes run smoother and faster. To increase productivity in the workplace you need business software like electronic data room, project management software, communication tools, etc.

Below there are the 6 types of the most popular business software that you can use to improve the efficiency of your business.

Project Management Software

This type of software allows you to organize complex tasks and break them down into smaller doable segments. In project management software you see the project overview, how many people are working on certain tasks, what deliverables are expected, etc.

Nowadays it’s almost impossible to effectively manage business projects without good project management software. In combination with other types of tools, including communication, timekeeping, and others, project management can become much easier.

The most popular project management apps are Trello and Basecamp. They allow an entire team to collaborate on a project, set deadlines, track progress, and more.

Document Management Software

It’s considered to be the most commonly used type of software, as we’re using it every day. We’re storing our documents on Google Drive or DropBox and using Microsoft Office Suite for creating new files. When running a business, you can’t work without proper document management software.

There are so many documents that should be reviewed, signed, edited, and discussed that it’s impossible to handle all of that in a physical form. Using the right software makes it very easy to manage all important documents.

The most popular document management tools nowadays include Office 365, Google Drive, and DropBox.

Deal Management Software

Online data room software is considered to be the most popular deal management software. A virtual data room is a secure repository that businesses use to securely store and distribute confidential documents. Virtual data rooms are used to facilitate complex transactions, such as mergers and acquisitions, venture capital, due diligence, and more.

Virtual data room software provides a secure platform or agent applications, where authorized users can have access to confidential documents. Because of its cost, security, and efficiency, deal management software is considered to be the most important tool businesses can use. Best virtual data room software offers not only top security for storage and distribution of the files, but also provides you with a variety of document and project management tools. You can use data room services together with other features to maximize the efficiency of your work.

Virtual data room providers may vary in terms of features, price, and complexity. That’s why it’s recommended to identify the main goals you’re trying to achieve with a data room and then look for the right software and compare virtual data rooms available on the market.

Best virtual data room providers usually offer additional security features. These include watermarking to restrict document sharing or download, two-step authentication, user roles, so when you assign a role, the user has a certain type of permission and many more. Choosing the right virtual data room among the best data room providers can make a major impact on your deal management and business overall.

Communications Software

Communication plays a crucial role in business operations, whether it’s internal or external. As a business owner, you need to make sure all communication is effective. Communication software allows you to fulfill important business needs, as it provides a platform for convenient collaboration within teams.

You can also engage with your customers and partners or other people that are involved in your business. And it’s easy to reach out to anybody no matter where in the world they are. With communication technology, you can expand your market reach and also get in touch with other businesses within your industry.

The most common tools used in communication management are Slack and Skype.

Accounting Software

Accounting is very important for any business. That’s why using accounting software will help you have all your bookkeeping organized. It’s also vital during decision-making, as you have all the needed information in one software. Accounting information can be easily dealt with through good software, so the business owners can focus more on running a business.

Xero, QuickBooks, Freshbooks, and Wave are on the list of the best and the most common accounting software.

Payment Transaction Software

It’s worth automating and streamlining your payment transactions. It will make your workflow smoother and better, as it makes the billing process much simpler. When automating your monthly invoicing, you’re reducing the billing workload while still tracking all expenses.

Payment transaction software shows you all payment information about your customers: who is behind their payment and who has already paid. This type of software ensures all payments are done on time eliminating the chances of customers forgetting about them.

The most commonly used payment platforms are PayPal and Stripe, which are used to accept and send payments. These platforms handle everything regarding payments, including security, processing, and compatibility issues.

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Top 6 Commonly Used Business Software Types
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